Below: “Rosine” is inspired by textile designs of Paul Poiret. The frame is Edwardian brass and with serpentine stone ornamentation. Fabulous original chain! $850. 8” x 6” x  2”  (“Rosine” photo by George Post; collection of Gertrud Parker)

Above: “Kilim” features a 1950s-60s convertible frame - wear as a clutch or conventional handbag.  approximately 8” x 5” x 1”  (photo by George Post)

Right: “2 Views of Monterey Bay” One of a kind but again, can be adapted for a different frame.  Price is negotiable depending on frame. (Collection of Donna Ewald Huggins)

Below - “Kilim” - clutch style with hand beaded detail on a mid-century silver metal convertible style frame. (Collection of Iris Edlund)

Loom Work Evening Bags

“Lucia” from my collection. One of a kind but the poppy design is adaptable to a variety of frame shapes and sizes. Price is negotiable depending on frame and finished size. (photo of “Lucia” by George Post)